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Waring MBB518 Food & Beverage Blender, Stainless Steel Base & GLASS Pitcher


Did you know that the “smoothie craze” is not a recent development in out culture? Fred Waring, a popular musician and radio & TV personality of the time, introduced his own blender in 1937 called the “Waring Blendor” (No, it’s not a misspelling). It was the first modern electric blender on the market and the one with which he popularized the “smoothie” in the 1940’s.

Well, the Waring Blender is still going strong and its product line has expanded tremendously. The current product line includes FOUR Bar Blenders (WPB05, WPB05BC, WPB80, and WPB80BC), SEVEN Food & Beverage Blenders (PBB225, PBB201, PBB204, PBB209, PBB212, MBB518 and MBB520), SIX Specialty Blenders (Inverted Blender MBB1000, XTREME Variable Speed Blender with the Raptor (TM) Jar MX1200RXT, XTREME Blender with the Raptor (TM) Jar MX1000RXT, MegaMix (TM) Specialty Blender HPB300, Stainless Steel Blender PBB25, and the Tailgator (TM) Specialty Blender TG15), and last, but not least, the Ice Crusher IC70.

Wow! They have come a long way in 70 years! An impressive 10 of their 17 models come with GLASS pitchers and 1 comes with a Stainless Steel pitcher. Some plastic pitchers can, over time, take on the odor of contents repeatedly blended in them, but neither GLASS nor Stainless Steel will do this. As a result, many people prefer either a glass or stainless steel pitcher, as found in the Waring Blender to a plastic pitcher. I will display links to all of the Waring Blender models later in the post but for now, let’s focus upon the model MBB518, which is a blender representative of the Waring Blender quality associated with all the models.

Here are some of the features of the Waring Blender model MBB518

  • 40-ounce GLASS jar
  • Powerful 390-watt motor
  • Stainless Steel Base

The model MBB518 Waring Blender is really a COMMERCIAL Grade Blender with a HOME USE Price!

Click Here To Check Price

Here are further details:

The model MBB518, Review Specs & Purchase!

Here are links to the rest of the Waring Blender product line:

Bar Blenders

WPB05, Review Specs & Purchase!(GLASS Pitcher)

WPB05BC, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher)

WPB80, Review Specs & Purchase! (Brushed Chrome Base)

WPB80BC, Review Specs & Purchase! (Brushed Chrome Base)

Food & Beverage Blenders

PBB225, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher & Metallic Red Base)

PBB201, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher & White Base)

PBB204, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher & Chili Red Base)

PBB209, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher & Black Base)

PBB212, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher & Retro Green Base)

MBB518, Review Specs & Purchase! (featured above)

MBB520, Review Specs & Purchase! (GLASS Pitcher & Bright Copper Base)

Specialty Blenders

Inverted Blender MBB1000, Review Specs & Purchase! (A One Of A Kind MUST SEE!)

XTREME Varialbe Speed Blender w/ the Raptor (TM) Jar MX1200RXT, Review Specs & Purchase!

XTREME Blender with the Raptor (TM) Jar MX1000RXT, Review Specs & Purchase!

MegaMix (TM) Specialty Blender HPB300, Review Specs & Purchase!

Stainless Steel Blender PBB25, Review Specs & Purchase! (Stainless-Steel Pitcher!)

Tailgator (TM) Specialty Blender TG15, Review Specs & Purchase! (Use For “Tailgates” & Picnics!)

The Ice Crusher:Ice Crusher IC70, Review Specs & Purchase! (Crush Up To 50 Lbs Of Ice Per Hour!)

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