The Proctor-Silex 50124

When it comes to quality blenders and especially the best blender for the money, this ten speed blender is your best bet. The Proctor-Silex 50124 blender is manufactured with top of the line, premium quality materials that are not only durable but also excellent at blending your desired ingredients. The stainless steel blades which are provided by the Proctor-Silex 50124 offer a simple way to make a delicious smoothie, blend soups, sauces and so much more.

The Proctor Silex 50124 offers a pouring edge that makes serving your blended contents easy and avoids unnecessary and messy drips. With the simple push of some buttons, the Proctor Silex 50124 offers ten variable speeds from which to choose. Thanks to the blender’s wide base, it is stable and will sit comfortably and firmly on just about any counter top. Another bonus is the fact that the Proctor Silex 50124 is dishwasher friendly. This makes cleaning and washing much simpler.

The Proctor-Silex 50124

The range of speeds provided by the Proctor-Silex 50124 from pulsing, crushing, etc., make it capable of easily crushing even ice. The speed range is one of the top selling points. The cord is sufficiently long so you do not have to have it smack right next to the outlet when blending your concoctions. Since the blade is actually part of the pitcher, there is no gasket with hard to reach areas to clean, you can even add a bit of warm water and dish soap and on a low level blend a moment, then rinse to clean.

The fact that the pitcher material can be either glass or plastic makes it ideal for those who find glass to be dangerous and prefer plastic to avoid easily breaking the pitcher as well as anyone who may find it difficult to lift a glass pitcher full of liquid content. On the other hand, there are many who PREFER glass because it is easier to get clean and will not absorb the odors from blended foods.

In summary, this popular blender choice is easy to use, simple to clean up after use and built to last. The Proctor Silex 50124 blender will offer you a consistent smooth blend regardless of your ingredients and it’s stainless steel blades are fast, effective and strong enough to crush even ice.If you like to make spicy salsas, creamy milkshakes, fruit smoothies, delicious margaritas then this is definitely the blender for you. The Proctor-Silex 50124 is the best option for those seeking a blender that is sturdy, durable, easy to use, easy to clean, break resistant, drip free, dishwasher friendly and of course, yields consistent end results after many uses.

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