The Livart MiniMixer LG-700

The Benefits Of The Livart MiniMixer LG-700

When you are looking to add a great piece of equipment to your kitchen that serves the purpose of many functions without taking up a great deal of space, you will find that the Livart Minimixer LG-700 is a nice option to invest in. This small appliance can easily be used for all kinds of foods, including salsas and pasta sauces, soups and smoothies and more.

The Livart Minimixer LG-700

Easy To Use

All you have to do is put the ingredients in the container and then fasten the lid with the blender blade, press down the cup and the mixing begins. There is even a hands-free locking feature that allows you to start the blender for hands-free operation so that you can grab other utensils, stir the pot on the stove or even wash your hands for the next step in your meal prep!

Simple To Clean

The blade cap and the cup are both dishwasher safe, so all you have to do is rinse and stack just like you would your other dishes.What Is Included?There are two blades included with the Livart Minimixer LG-700, one that is for mixing up soft foods and another that will take care of solid items, such as ice cubes. There are two 400 ml containers as well as one 300 ml container for mixing whatever you need!

This piece of equipment is a great value to have, as you can take care of a number of mixing tasks and blending without having to bring out a large food processor or blender. The unit dimensions are only 8x8x7 inches, so you are not taking up a ton of counter space, so you can keep it out and ready to go for everyday use. Whether you want to use it simple for shakes and smoothies or you are going to keep it as an essential cooking prep tool, the Livart Minimixer LG-700 is a wonderful investment.

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