Blendtec Blender Review

The blenders by Blendtec (TM) truly stand in a category all their own. Their NEW blenders carry an unprecedented 8 YEAR WARRANTY, and their REFURBISHED blenders carry an unprecedented 7 YEAR WARRANTY! They have 6 models of NEW blenders (The Classic 560, The Classic 575, The Designer 625, The Designer 675, The Designer 725, and The Professional 800) and 5 models of REFURBISHED blenders (The Total Blender, The Classic 575, The Designer 625, The Designer 725, and The Professional 800).

Blendtec Total Blender

The average order price for one of their blenders is $325, but I’m going to use $400 just to be on the safe side. Now let’s just think about this for a minute. $400 divided by 7 years is $57.14. This means that if you buy a blender for a mere $57.14, and it breaks in less than a year (which is NOT uncommon for OTHER blenders), and you do this for 7 years, then for that entire 7 year period you could have been using a $400 Blentec Blender! If you factor in the 8 YEAR WARRANTY on a NEW blender, that means the price of your original OTHER blender would have been $50. So which would you rather do, spend $50 to $57 on a blender and hope it lasts 7 or 8 years, or spend $400 on a blender and KNOW (with the warranty) that you will have it for 8 years? The answer is pretty much a “no-brainer”!

These are really beautiful blenders, but rather than my just going on and on about how great they are, I’ll just let you check them out for yourself. Happy hunting!

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