The Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Immersion Blender

There are many “Best Blenders” that a lot of us don’t even know exist, often due to a lack of advertising on television in our country, or the fact that they are made in a country like Switzerland, or in this case BOTH. The Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Immersion Blender is a very worthwhile investment!

You can afford to have a professional immersion blender when you go with the Bamix Pro-3 GL200. This is a model that is hand built in Switzerland and just right for taking on all of the toughest foods for blending and the biggest batches that you may have on your mind when you are in the kitchen. Soups, stews, boiling liquids, smoothies, and just about anything that you need to blend or puree will be no match for this amazing piece of equipment for your kitchen collection.

The Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Immersion Blender

The Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Immersion Blender

Blend Right On The Stove

There is a chopping blade, and an included chopping bowl attachment, that you can easily use on both raw or cooked vegetables and fruits or you can take this immersion blender right over to the stove to easily blend and puree items that are boiling on the stove. This is something that is going to make all of your cooking endeavors easier and you have the overall control of what you are putting into your meals. What this means is a healthier meal and the ability to work with fresh fruits and vegetables to add more nutritional value to the table every single day.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is place the immersion blender, blades down, into the container, pot or pan that you are working with and blend using the desired method and speed. As a matter of fact, this immersion blender will even fit easily in tall glasses or beakers, making it the perfect option whenever you want to blend some of your favorite drinks to enjoy on a hot day.

Overall, the Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Immersion Blender is a wonderful investment for all of your cooking needs. Lightweight, at only 2.4 pounds, you can puree and blend to your heart’s content and end up with incredible results each time.

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