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This is a simple question but the answer, while not complicated is not nearly as simple. The first question one might expect to ask is “What is the cost?”. There is a “best blender for the money” in the Personal Blender category and a “best blender for the money” in the Kitchen Countertop category. There are actually blenders that have motors more powerful than the one on your lawn mower! The purpose of this site is to find the best blender for the money in different categories.


Physical Factors that are taken into account when looking for the best blender for the money are:
suretrader app 1. Is the pitcher made of Glass or Plastic? While plastic is “unbreakable”, over time it scratches and once it has scratches in it (where bacteria can hide) you will never get it as clean as glass. Also, many plastic pitchers have compounds such as BPA and BPS which can leach into your blended product which you DO NOT want to consume regularly.img-thingIf a blender comes with a plastic pitcher but offers a stainless steel pitcher option, it is scored higher.
2. How many speeds does the blender have?speed
3. Power, i.e. how many watts? It’s nice to have 20 speeds, but if the total power is only 20 watts, having a lot of speeds doesn’t really make any difference. hand-fist-aggressiveness-fight-power-38802815
4. Ease of Cleanup – Can it go straight into the dishwasher or does it have to be hand cleaned, risking getting cuts on the hands from sharp blades?cleaning-clip-art-17947096-professional-cleaner

Best Use Factors that are taken into account are: how well does the blender make Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Juices, Baby Food, Crushed Ice, Protein Shakes, Frozen Drinks or Chopped Vegetables.

smoothie greensmoothie fresh-juices-without-a-juicer Baby Food Crushed Ice Protein Shake Frozen Drink Chopped Vegs

Personal (single serving) Blenders are only evaluated for: Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Protein Shake, and Frozen Drink type blending because this is the purpose for which they are designed.

Warranty: warranty

The standard is a one year manufacturer’s warranty. With heavy duty and heavily used blenders, such as those used in a restaurant or bar, that longer warranty is worth the extra money. Some blenders come with STANDARD 3, 5 and even 10 year warranties and this speaks highly to their quality!
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Blender Scoring System (Point Breakdown)

1. Pitcher Material – Plastic – 0 points, Glass – 50 points
2. Number of Speeds – 0.25 points for each speed
3. Power – 0.1 point for each watt*
4. Cleanup Ease – 5=Poor to 40=Easy
5. Smoothies – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
6. Green Smoothies – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
7. Juices – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
8. Baby Food – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
9. Crushed Ice – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
10. Protein Shakes – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
11. Frozen Drinks – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best
12. Chopped Vegetables – 0-2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Best

(*NOTE* – only 0.1 points given for watts because power is not the primary consideration. It doesn’t do any good to have a 3 horsepower blender if the lid won’t stay on!)

(*NOTE* – 1 Horsepower = 745.7 watts)


Personal Blender (up to1700 watts) – 288 Personal Blender
Kitchen Countertop (up to 1700 watts) – 303 Kitchen

If all you do is run out and buy the cheapest blender you can find, and it costs $30, but you have to replace it every 2 or 3 months you have NOT saved money. If you buy a highly rated $90 blender and it lasts you 5 years, this has actually, over time, been the best blender for the money. With this said, let’s look at some blenders in different categories based upon the FACTORS USED FOR EVALUATION.
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