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The Dualit Blender


In 1945 Max Gort- Barten made Dualit’s first blender shaker. Since then, Dualit has drawn on over 65 years of experience to produce the new innovative blender. It employs the patented VortecS (TM) technology which uses 2 uniquely designed directional fins in the side of the pitcher and the precision engineered 6 prong blade along with the 1000 watt motor which produce an irregular multi dimensional mixing action. The horned blade spears larger items. The Serrated blade pulverizes larger items. The dipped blade directs any smaller pieces below, back up into the chopping zone. The result is that it blasts the ingredients to breakdown skin, seeds, nuts and pulp in seconds to release the nutrition and antioxidants inside so they can be absorbed into your system on a molecular level. The Dualit is not only a top rated blender, it’s also ranks well in the most powerful blender category!


7723-blender-blades-2Ice crushing is a breeze for the Dualit. The precision engineered six-pronged blade turns ice cubes into snow in 6 seconds with one large pulse followed by several smaller pulses.









pitcher-and-lid-2The Dualit features a 2L capacity shatterproof Tritan(TM) pitcher with measuring indicators on the side. The pitcher also features a completely drip proof lid. The pitcher is also dishwasher proof. and the dishwasher proof blades remove as a single unit so they can be easily transferred to the dishwasher.











controls-2The blender controls feature 7 specially designed programs, one of which is the “auto-pulse” function which times the blend allowing the ingredients to settle in stages maximizing contact with the blades for a smooth finish that is ideal for creamy soups. This blender’s versatility allows for making the best smoothies, frappuccinos, dips, dressings, sauces, blended ice drinks and much more.



Every aspect of this blender has been carefully considered with home cooking in mind. Compared to the price of a lot of blenders in its class, this is a lot of blender for $197! (Note – There is a 2 year protection plan for $13 and a 3 year protection plan for $32)



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