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The Centaur Blender



You know, as I move from manufacturer to manufacturer, evaluating blenders, every once in a while I come across a company that I don’t quite understand. When I say that I “don’t understand” them, what I mean is that I can’t quite get my head around whether they are really “in the game”, “out of the game”, or somewhere “in between”. Such is the case with the Centaur Blender models.

They have a nice looking blender, the specs look good, and they are reasonably priced (by that I mean not “over priced” or suspiciously “under priced”). At first glance, the Centaur CNT150 seems like a well made product with a 48 oz capacity pitcher, 1500 watt motor, unbreakable Tritan (TM) Copolyetser Container, High/Low Dial Control with Pulse, and the price, at $222 seems reasonable for a blender in this class.

But then I look at the warranty and I see that there is only a ONE YEAR WARRANTY that EXCLUDES many of the integral parts of the appliance (i.e “The following consumables are considered exceptions and are only covered for the first 90 days: Clutches, Gaskets, Bearings, Blade Assemblies and Containers”).

Since the same blender in this class, made by Breville, (my “Second Place Winner”) has a full SEVEN year warranty, I have to wonder “What’s missing?” or “What’s the difference?”. I DO know that if I’m spending $200 to $300 for a blender, I’m going to go for the one with the SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY!

Maybe my suspicions are unwarranted, I don’t know. I would just feel more comfortable covered by a SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY instead of a 90 DAY WARRANTY.

Here are the specifics……I’ll let you be the judge:


Centaur CNT 150, Review Specs & Purchase!




Centaur CNT 330, Review Specs & Purchase!