The Centaur Blender Review

    You know, as I move from manufacturer to manufacturer, evaluating blenders, every once in a while I come across a company that I don’t quite understand. When I say that I “don’t understand” them, what I mean is that I can’t quite get my head around whether they are really “in the game”, “out of the game”, or somewhere “in between”. Such is the case with the Centaur Blender models.They have a nice looking blender, the specs look good, and they are reasonably priced (by that I mean not “over priced” or suspiciously “under priced”). At first glance, the Centaur CNT150 seems like a well made product with a 48 oz capacity pitcher, 1500 watt motor, unbreakable Tritan (TM) Copolyetser Container, High/Low Dial Control with Pulse, and the price, at $222 seems reasonable for a blender in this class.

    The Centaur Blender Review

    But then I look at the warranty and I see that there is only a ONE YEAR WARRANTY that EXCLUDES many of the integral parts of the appliance (i.e “The following consumables are considered exceptions and are only covered for the first 90 days: Clutches, Gaskets, Bearings, Blade Assemblies and Containers”).Since the same blender in this class, made by Breville, (my “Second Place Winner”) has a full SEVEN year warranty, I have to wonder “What’s missing?” or “What’s the difference?”. I DO know that if I’m spending $200 to $300 for a blender, I’m going to go for the one with the SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY!Maybe my suspicions are unwarranted, I don’t know. I would just feel more comfortable covered by a SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY instead of a 90 DAY WARRANTY.

    Here are the specifics……I’ll let you be the judge:

    Centaur CNT 150, Review Specs & Purchase!

    Centaur CNT 330, Review Specs & Purchase!

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