So Who Rates In The Best Blender Category?

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First Place


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Second Place

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Above are my top picks for “Best Blender For The Money.



So Who Rates In The Best Blender Category?

I’m sure that most of us think that we have a pretty good idea of what the best blender or best blenders probably are. You might be quite surprised to find out that a list that I found on a site recently, that literally ranks almost everything and everyone (including actors, people, film, TV, music, sports, etc.) contains the names of many blender brands that you’ve never even heard of before. Also, many of these brands are near the top of the list. You would also be surprised to discover that a few brands that you just assumed would be in the top 10 are in the BOTTOM 50%. To be fair though, some of the brands get NEITHER a “Thumbs Up or a “Thumbs Down”. I don’t think that a particular brand should get a poor ranking if it just plain didn’t get ANY votes, good or bad! It was no surprise to see that the Vitamix Blender ranked number 1. I thought it was a pleasant surprise to see that the Oster Blender ranked number 2 because I have long felt that Oster is an exceptional blender that just gets overlooked. Six of the top 10 ranked blenders were brands that I didn’t even know existed (Krups, Bamix, Saeco, Technivorm, Kenwood, and Starbucks). Other brands on the list with which I was unfamiliar include Beaba, Big Boss, Miele, Betty Crocker, All Clad, LG, Chef’s Choice, Brylane Home, Whirpool, Frigidaire, Magimix, Coleman, Calphalon, Nespresso, Sharp, RCA,Kalorik, Dualit, Proctor Silex, Omega, Centaur, Munchkin, Infantino, Rival, Pacojet, Williams-Sonoma, Fagor, and General Electric. Of course I recognize many of these company names, but I had no idea that they had a blender or blender line.

Some brands could not be found (as blenders). Here are links to most brands mentioned:



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3-Review Saeco Specs & Purchase!



4-Review Kenwood Specs & Purchase!


7-Big Boss-2

5-Review Big Boss Specs & Purchase!


8-Betty Crocker-2

6-Review Betty Crocker Specs & Purchase!


9-All Clad-2

7-Review All Clad Specs & Purchase!



8-Review LG Specs & Purchase!



9-Review Frigidaire Specs & Purchase!



10-Review Calphalon Specs & Purchase!


13-Proctor Silex-2

11-Review Proctor Silex Specs & Purchase!



12-Review Omega Specs & Purchase!



13-Review Rival Specs & Purchase!
*NOTE* The numbers preceding the brand names are NOT rankings. They were put in just to help you remember the links that you clicked on.