SINGLE SERVING BLENDER REVIEWS The following chart will enable you to compare SCORE PER PRICE at a glance. As you can see, there are blenders in the 120 to 150 Score Category that range from $30 to $400. This will enable YOU to select which is the “best blender for the money” for YOUR NEEDS. If, for example, you need a smoothie maker once or twice a week, you probably don’t need a $400 blender with a 5 year warranty. If, on the other hand, you have a large family and make 6 smoothies every day, 7 days a week, you might be willing to pay more for a smoothie maker that could be considered the best blender for smoothies. In reviews, for example, there are some single people who love their $20 blender, no matter what, and when it breaks they will gladly get another one. So, in the Single Serving Blender category, the “best blender for the money” is really all about what is “the best blender for the money” FOR YOU. (Please note that the price of anything is always a moving target. As soon as you print it, it changes. The best, up to date, price information can be found at Page 4 – Links To Individual Blenders)_________________________________________________________________________________________


In the Kitchen Countertop category, the following chart will again enable you to compare SCORE PER PRICE at a glance. There are Kitchen Countertop Blenders with a score of over 100 that cost $40 and there are those with the same score that cost $400. You really can get a good blender for $40. It probably won’t last as long as the $400 blender, but maybe you don’t have $400 to spend on a blender. The point is that just because it costs a lot of money does NOT necessarily mean that it has a high score. Conversely, just because it’s inexpensive does NOT always mean that it is poorly made.

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