People use blenders for different reasons. There are all different types of blenders from small, basic yet durable versions to heavy duty, almost commercial grade versions, still for home use. Of course, there are commercial blenders, but we’re talking blenders for the home. So what are the best blenders out there according to reviews from customers and reports from the experts?It’s interesting looking at the review sites because of how the lists of the top blenders varies. There are going to be certain names on those lists that you see over and over again, but then some of them won’t be on every list of course. As you can imagine, you can break down the lists into certain categories as well. For example, it was mentioned that people buy all different types of blenders for different reasons. So, you could have a category for the best cheap blender.Indeed there is such a category according to one review site, and so this recommendation is more specific to a need. If you’re looking for a basic blender without all the bells and whistles but that is still going to get the job done, then this might be your category. Or, you could look at blenders that are considered to be the best value.I like the idea of having a heavy duty blender, but you can only fit so much in my kitchen. I’d probably look at the best blenders at a discount, ones that provide a good value. I noticed by looking at one of the lists for top blenders that the blender for my category is the Ninja Professional. But like I said, people use blenders for different reasons, so what would you say is the best one out there?Here are a few links that might help you to decide:Links To Individual Blenders

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