The Kitchenaid Blender – True Design Genius!

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First Place


Here is the Classic 575 Blendtec Blender, in Poppy (also in White & Black), with an unbelievable FULL 7 Year Warranty!


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Second Place

Breville Boss-For-Site          

                                                             The One and Only Breville Boss!

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Above are my top picks for “Best Blender For The Money.


The KitchenAid Blender – True Design Genius!

KitchenAid Torrent

KitchenAid, founded in 1919, is a well known name in the Countertop Kitchen Appliance industry. KitchenAid began manufacturing blenders in the mid-1990’s. Just like their “flagship” product, the KitchenAid Mixer, KitchenAid Blenders are top notch when it comes to Design, Ease of Use and Quality, and they are designed to last a lifetime.

The KitchenAid Torrent Blender is the only blender on the market to use Magnetic Drive (TM) Technology. The blades in the blender pitcher rotate as a result of being turned by a magnetic field instead of as a result of any physical contact with a motor shaft. The LACK OF CONTACT of the blender blade apparatus means you won’t have to worry about wear and tear on the MAIN FUNCTIONAL PART of the blender. The MagnaLock (TM) System securely locks the jar in place AND the Torrent automatically shuts off  when done with an audio signal to let you know it’s done. This design is just genius! KitchenAid also produces 2 other blender models, the Diamond Blender and the 5-Speed Classic Blender.

The Diamond Blender features a 0.9 peak HP motor, BPA-free pitcher, stainless steel blades and electronic controls. It also has the Intelli-Speed (TM) Motor which senses the contents in the blender and adjusts the blending speed accordingly to insure that all of the contents are blended uniformly. It has Stir, Chop, Mix, and Liquefy Speeds AND a Pulse Mode that works with Each Speed.

The 5-Speed Classic Blender also uses the Intelli-Speed (TM) Motor for consistent blending of ingredients. It has Stir, Chop, Mix, Puree, and Liquefy Speeds AND a Pulse Mode that works with Each Speed for staggered blending. The Crush Ice feature pulses at precise intervals for optimal ice crushing results. The SoftStart (TM) feature starts the motor at a slower speed in order to pull food into the blade and then quickly increases to the selected speed setting.

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