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Kenwood Blenders

The De’Longhi Group is based in Treviso, Italy and its small domestic appliance division has 3 internationally renowned brands, De’Longhi, Kenwood and Braun. The Kenwood brand is based in Havant, England. Kenwood has a presence in over 40 countries with over 200 different products. De’Longhi America, Inc. (and it’s Kenwood division) has been headquartered in Upper Saddle River, NJ for 30 years and is the North American Subsidiary of the De’Longhi Group including Kenwood.

These Kenwood Blenders (2 models) are exceptionally well made pieces of equipment. The include the Blend-X Pro Blender BLM800GY and the Blender BL705.


                                             Blend-X Pro Blender BLM800GY





blender-blm800-blades-2-2This blender features its Patented Multizone (TM) Blade Technology which results in 30% more cutting action across TWO zones (Upper & Lower). Ingredients from the lower zone are driven up into the cutting zone by the lower, wide-reaching blades and ingredients from the top of the jar are drawn down into the cutting zone by the upper blades with serrated edges.









It has unique blending types with 6 pre-set programs which allow you to easily create drinks, hot soups, crushed ice, finely chopped coffee beans, and coarsely chopped salsa. There is also a variable speed control which gives you precision control over the blending, crushing, and chopping processes. It has a 56 oz Heat and Shock resistant GLASS Pitcher which allows you to blend HOT or COLD without worry. It has the Easy Clean Auto rinse function AND removable blades AND Dishwasher safe carafe. Add to this an included Stir Stick, 1000 watt Quatropole (TM) motor, and a 5 Year Motor warranty and all of these features make this one “hard to beat blender! This blender can be purchased for $520. It might seem pricey, but it has been compared to a Vitamix by MANY reviewers!











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                                             Kenwood Blender BL705



bl705-components-2This blender features a high quality brushed metal body as well as a heat and shock resistant GLASS pitcher AND a compact Chopper/Grinder. It has the Patented Multizone (TM) Blade Technology.














bl705-dial-2It has pre-programmed buttons including ice crush and soup as well as a pulse function. the pitcher capacity is 1.7 quarts. It also has cord storage, dishwasher safe parts, Easy Clean Auto Rinse function, non slip feet, and a safety interlock. The BL705 has a 480 watt Quatropole (TM) motor with a 5 year motor warranty. This beautiful piece of equipment can be purchased for a little less than $190!









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