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first place

First Place


Here is the Classic 575 Blendtec Blender, in Poppy (also in White & Black), with an unbelievable FULL 7 Year Warranty!


Blendtec Classic 575 - Review Specs, Video and Purchase!


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Second Place

Breville Boss-For-Site          

                                                             The One and Only Breville Boss!

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Breville Specs, Videos, and Purchase!


Above are my top picks for “Best Blender For The Money.




                            Braun Blender JB7 139 BKS

These blenders benefit from excellent German design and engineering and are extremely well made! They fit perfectly in the “middle ground” between the $40 blenders that don’t measure up to “Top Notch” and the $500 blenders. A lot of folks, understandably, just don’t want to spend $500 on a blender. These blenders all have plenty of power with 670 watt motors, and the primary difference between models is either the number of blending functions or the accessories. Their prices are $99.95, $129.95, and $214.50. The mid-priced blender has all of the blending functions, and the highest priced is the same blender with a “Soothie2Go” blending set including dual 12 oz “to go” blending cups.



All of the models have control panels that are LIGHTED for easy viewing and SEALED for easy cleaning.






Braun Blender JB7 000 BKS ($99.95)

56 oz pitcher, Unique blade design & pitcher contours deliver smooth blends. PowerAssist technology senses blender contents and maintains optimal speed to power through the ingredients. Illuminated control panel with 3 blending functions (stir, liquify, crush ice) and auto pulse mode. Ventilation lid with 1.5 oz / 40 ml measuring cap for adding liquids while blending. 670 watt motor, sealed control panel for easy cleaning.

Watch video here











Braun Blender JB7 130 BKS ($129.95)

All of the JB7 000 BKS features PLUS SIX blending functions (stir, chop, mix, puree, liquefy & crush ice) and auto pulse mode, 670 watt motor, sealed control panel for easy cleaning.

Watch video here








Braun Blender JB7 172 BKS With Travel Cups ($214.50)

All of the same features of the JB7 130 BKS except has a thermal resistant GLASS pitcher AND “Smoothie2Go” blending set
wit dedicated blade assembly and 2 – 12 oz cups, each with a secure lid and flip drinking spout and designed to fit car cup holders. 670 watt motor.                                                                       See specs here










$99.95                             $129.95                                    $214.50

braun-jb7000bks-1-2-cta   braun-jb7130bk-1-2-cta braun-jb7-172-bks-with-travel-mugs-2-cta






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