Blenders By Breville – Definitely In The “Best Blender On The Market” Category!

first place

First Place


Here is the Classic 575 Blendtec Blender, in Poppy (also in White & Black), with an unbelievable FULL 7 Year Warranty!


Blendtec Classic 575 - Review Specs, Video and Purchase!


second place

Second Place

Breville Boss-For-Site          

                                                             The One and Only Breville Boss!

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Breville Specs, Videos, and Purchase!


Above are my top picks for “Best Blender For The Money.



Blenders By Breville – Definitely In The “Best Blender On The Market” Category!

BrevilleUSA Blender

You don’t generally see much information about Breville Blenders, and I honestly cannot understand why!

BrevilleUSA offers a complete line of Powerful, High Quality, Multi-Function Blenders with Antisuction Blending Technology, Stainless Steel Shafts, Variable Speed Settings, Ergonomic Control Grips, Chopping Bowls, Hemisphere (TM) Bowl/Blade Systems, Pre-Programmed Smoothie Functions, Ice Crushing Blades, Professional Grade Diecast Construction, and Jugs. The Breville Blenders are on their own page because they tend to be more of a Professional Grade blender. They definitely belong within the “Best Blender On The Market” category. Perhaps they should be in the “Best Blender For A Moderate Price” category. The “Breville Boss”(TM) even comes with a 7 year limited warranty, which is pretty rare with a blender in this price range! The only thing not “Professional” about the Breville brand is the price! Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product.


Breville Hemisphere

Review The Product Line & Purchase a Breville!






Breville Boss

Review The Video & Purchase The Breville Boss!