Best Single Serve Blender Under $100

    Of course that would be “Best Blender Under 100 Dollars”. There are a LOT of good “blenders under 100”. There are also a lot of bad blenders under 100. This is the reason for creating a scoring system that tries to compare them all to one another using the same criteria.In the Single Serve category, the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go, (Review Specs & Purchase!) comes in 1st with a score of 132 and a price of $86.

    Surprisingly, 2nd place goes to the Hamilton Beach 51108, (Review Specs & Purchase!), which scores a 123 and is a mere $22! People just LOVE this blender! Maybe part of the reason is just the idea that they can buy ANYTHING of value for a mere $22!3rd place is a 2 way tie between the Hamilton Beach 51140, (Review Specs & Purchase!) which scores 120 and is $35, and the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go, (Review Specs & Purchase!) (model 52400) which scores 120 and is $36. Getting a 650W blender for just $36 is pretty hard to beat!

    The Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro, (Review Specs & Purchase!) 900 scores a healthy 152…but it’s right at $100, so with tax & shipping it goes just a little over $100. Still, since you CAN get it online  for $89 with free shipping, so I guess it’s just a matter of digging a little deeper to find the best price.

    The rest of the blenders scoring near or below 100 points are fairly “even” with regard to price range but there is however a blender that scores a 97 and costs $80. This just goes to show that the blender that costs the most isn’t automatically the best. It also demonstrates that there are some very good blenders that are inexpensive.

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