Best Blender For Protein Shakes

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Above are my top picks for “Best Blender For The Money.



Best Blender For Protein Shakes

If you need help gaining muscle weight along with your exercise program, drinking protein shakes can help you do just that. Fortunately, finding a blender that can make good protein shakes is a lot easier than finding a blender that makes the perfect smoothie, as making protein shakes is actually less of a task for a blender. When making and consuming protein shakes, probably the most important factor is FRESHNESS, so you will want a single serving blender that will produce a small enough portion so that you can make it, and then immediately consume it. It should be noted that if you already have a regular countertop blender this will work just fine for making protein shakes.

The Hamilton Beach 51101BA:

Small single serving size is key for making protein shakes since you will want to consume them while they are fresh rather than store them. The same could be said about most products that come out of a blender. It simply just doesn’t make any common sense to make something in a blender and then (for example) freeze it, because you can probably already find the frozen product (which is LESS fresh and has a HIGHER price) at the supermarket.


          Hamilton Beach 51101BA

The Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender, which has a 14-oz. blending jar and Travel Lid, AND fits most car drink holders is a perfect little blender for making single serving protein shakes. Also, the fact that it only costs $15 is well, just phenomenal. I mean really, what can you buy of value today for just $15?

Here’s to a great workout, a great protein shake, and increasing your muscle mass! Cheers!

Hamilton Beach 51101BA (Review Specs & Purchase!)