Below Are 3 Of The Best Blenders In The “Moderate” to “Inexpensive” Range

SharkNinja’s Ninja Master Prep

The QB900B model Ninja Master Prep from SharkNinja is a fantastic blender available in a fairly affordable 400 watt model. For only $35, this SharkNinja allows you to experience highly consistent cutting and ice crushing functionality thanks to the quad blade design. The pitcher holds a hefty 48 ounces, and it’s even made with a non slip bottom to help keep you from spilling your prized contents all over the counter or floor!

That’s not all however! The package also includes a 16 ounce bowl to help you prepare your ingredients. This is an all around great blender from top to bottom.

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Hamilton Beach’s Power Elite

Hamilton Beach’s Power Elite 58148A model comes in at only $30 despite a wide array of impressive features. First of all, this is perfect for those of you who will need something a bit more heavy duty given its 700 watts of potential power. The 40 ounce glass jar gives you plenty of room to work with, and it’s even dish washer safe!The Power Elite also comes with 12 different blending modes, allowing for a wide variety of potential recipes to be made. The spout is also designed to keep your messes to a minimum. Again, it’s hard to go wrong here.

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Oster’s Simple Blend 100

If you want to pinch even more pennies, Oster’s Simple Blend 100 is only $25. It puts out 700 watts of power and 450 blending watts. The blade is made of stainless steel, meaning it will last you for a long time.One of the best features of this Oster is its ability to pulse. This gives you quite a lot of control over the end result. The purchase also includes a “blend and go cup,” adding significantly to the overall value.

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